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    3-14 days

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    *Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such The Aesthetica cannot guarantee specific results.

    Total Body Lift

    Total Body Lift At The Aesthetica

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    When there is excess skin on the body, it can lead to severe chafing and discomfort. In addition, it does not allow the person to exercise correctly or wear small clothes. Total body lift is a surgical procedure ideal for patients who have lost their elasticity over time. This procedure treats the body part that has excess fat. As a result, every part gets perfect contouring, from your arms, breast, and neck to hips, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen.

    Some surgeons differ from total body lift surgery as an upper or lower body lift. Lift, arm, breast, and neck are contoured in the upper body. The arm and breast lift can be performed separately or together during the lower body lift.

    Total body lift is needed to rejuvenate the body figure after weight loss. It is recommended to consider the full recovery period for such complex surgery. Six weeks of home rest is required after the surgery, and it is vital to follow other guidelines provided by your surgeon. Once the swelling and scars are gone, you can see the authentic results of the surgery.

    The body lift procedure involves an extensive incision whose length and pattern depend on how much excess skin is removed and from where. Using the latest technologies, the incisions are made at places that can be easily hidden through clothes.

    The following steps involved in the procedure of total body lift are:

    • Anaesthesia: Patients are given medications to ease their pain during the surgical procedure. In addition, you might be given general anaesthesia or intravenous sedation. After examining your condition, your surgeon will provide which is the best for you.
    • Incision: In a single procedure, an incision similar to a bikini pattern for the lower body lift is used to tighten the abdomen, waist, buttock, and groyne. It removes excess fat and skin to reposition the tissues. Liposuction may also be needed to get perfect contouring.
    • Closing incision: Deep sutures within the underlying tissues are made to form and support the contour shape. To close the incision, your doctor may use skin adhesives, tapes, sutures, or clips.
    • See the results: You can see the result of the surgery immediately. However, it might take 1 to 2 years for the final results to be visible.

    If you are looking for an effective total body lift in Gujarat, visit Dr Ashit Shah at The Aesthetica. He uses the latest facilities and state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide the patients with effective body lift procedures.

    To close and cover the incision, bandages or dressing are applied during the body lift recovery period. In addition, thin tubes might be placed as a preventive method to drain any excess blood that may collect.

    Your surgeon will provide the instructions for better and faster recovery:

    • Ways to care for the surgical site
    • Medications to aid healing
    • Some specific signs to look after
    • How to care for drains
    • When to reach out to your surgeon

    If you experience unusual chest pain, heartbeats, or shortness of breath, visit the doctor immediately. To stave off the complications, always get a certified and experienced doctor for the surgery.

    Are you looking for an effective and complication-free total body lift in Gujarat? Then book an appointment with Dr Ashit Shah for a successful and effective surgery without significant complications.

    The results of the total body lift are visible immediately. But the complete results can be seen only after one to two years. It is common for some scars to remain after the surgery.

    Moreover, you must maintain weight and exercise regularly to achieve the best results. Finally, you must remember that at this age, it is quite common to lose skin firmness.

    Body lift surgery can help you with good contouring, but it does not guarantee it. Sometimes, the patients do not receive the desired result, and another surgical procedure may be conducted. Also, one must not exert excess force, pressure motion, or abrasion to the surgical incisions during the recovery.

    To get the best result from the surgery, follow all the instructions provided by your surgeon. Also, in case of any abnormality, seek medical help immediately.

    Total body lift surgery involves various surgical techniques, instruments, and medications, so it is quite common to get some side effects. The changes in these side effects are more immediately after the surgery. Some of the side effects are:

    • General Discomfort: When the anaesthesia wears off, you will feel mild discomfort. In that case, painkillers can help you to get relief from the pain. But, above all, proper rest is also required.
    • Inflammation and Bruising: The area where surgery is performed becomes bruised and swells up. Though the bruising fades away in a few weeks, swelling can last longer, sometimes several months.
    • Decreased Sensitivity: Tissue modification often tends to numb the area or decrease the sensitivity. It is not permanent, but some patients require a long time for recovery, around one year, to completely restore the condition.
    • Grogginess, Disorientation, and Nausea: The anaesthesia and sedation given to the patients during the surgery can make them feel tired, nauseous and disoriented.
    • Changes to the Mons Pubis: Bruising and swelling of the operated area can distort the shape of mon pubis. It is generally temporary, but additional liposuction may be required if fat accumulates.
    • Allergic Reactions: Allergic reactions such as itching, rashes, redness, coughing, vomiting, redness, dizziness, or congestion are faced by many. Your surgeon will monitor the signs and help you to avoid these reactions.
    • Wound Separation: If the incision is not sutured properly or cared for, it can separate from the surgery, leading to increased recovery time. Moreover, it might need extra bandaging to close the wound.

    The total body lift is a complex and extensive surgery; therefore, it is common to experience some side effects. That's why it is always advised to see an experienced surgeon to mitigate these complications.

    Thinking of having a total body lift in Gujarat? Visit The Aesthetica now and book an appointment with one of the top and most experienced surgeons, Dr Ashit Shah. So book your appointment today!

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