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    *Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such The Aesthetica cannot guarantee specific results.

    Cheek Surgery

    Cheek Surgery At The Aesthetica

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Cheek augmentation is the procedure done to get fuller cheeks by inserting cheek implants within. Cheek augmentation helps make you get younger-looking skin, helping in adding or enhancing the contours of the skin.

    Cheek augmentation is an entirely safe procedure and can be done either alone or combined with other cosmetic surgeries like rhinoplasty, facelift, etc.

    Generally, there are three shapes of cheek implants:

    • Malar: They are directly placed in the cheekbones area giving a higher projection look.
    • Submalar: They are aimed at providing a fuller cheek look.
    • Combined: It targets both the cheek and cheekbones for augmentation.

    Cheek implants can be made of silicone which can be removed later if required. Other implants get combined with the bone structure and fuse with it.

    Some patients are not satisfied with the structure of their faces. However, it helps in creating a naturally youthful appearance. Here are a few of the available options to choose from:

    Cheek fillers: It is a temporary approach to combat the signs of ageing in a less invasive way. They give a new lift to the cheek and also volume. Parents who want to get cheek augmentation but are scared to go ahead with it can try out cheek fillers.

    Permanent cheek implants: They are a permanent one-shot solution to get fuller, voluminous cheeks. It helps in balancing the contour and with more youthful skin. When done by an experienced professional, it can give the best results and boost your self-confidence. Cheek augmentation can also be used to reduce scarring and balance out facial asymmetries.

    Here are some of the benefits of opting for cheek implants:

    • Lower chances of risks and complications
    • Goes well with other surgeries like facelifts, browlifts
    • Visible difference in appearance
    • Permanent cheek enhancement

    Fat grafting: This process involves the removal of fat from one place, which is the donor site, to the face area where it is required. It is natural, less invasive and has long-lasting results. It is usually done on the nasolabial area, marionette lines, flattened cheeks, sagging jaws and hollow eyes, adding volume to the face.

    If you are in search of a good hospital for cheek augmentation surgery in Ahmedabad, consider visiting us at The Aesthetica. We have a team of well-experienced professionals, led by Dr Ashit Shah, who will ensure that the natural features of your face are not altered while providing a bit of cosmetic enhancement. So have a consultation with our experts regarding the cheek implant surgery in Ahmedabad without much discomfort within your budget. Moreover, it will be best for anyone as our cheek surgery in Ahmedabad is more affordable than several other options throughout the country.

    Only a doctor who has examined your skin can suggest which is the right type of treatment for you. Then, the doctor would choose the kind of treatment based on the desired end goal and skin evaluation results.

    Ideal candidates for cheek implantation surgery are:

    • Those individuals who are looking for a permanent change in their features
    • Those candidates who don't want to repeat the procedure because of its temporary results
    • Those who are well aware of the procedure details and risks associated with it
    • Those who are not only looking for anti-ageing but also want better contour and face projection.

    Similarly, the ideal candidate for cheek fillers are:

    • Those who are ready or feel sceptical about the surgery
    • Those who feel lower confidence due to loss of plump cheeks due to ageing
    • Those who are looking to add volume to their cheeks to improve facial symmetry.
    • Those who are ready to keep up with the regular maintenance

    Looking to understand which cheek augmentation procedure is suitable for you? Then visit us at The Aesthetic for complete information about cheek surgery in Ahmedabad. Our team of expert medical professionals, led by Dr Ashit Shah, aim to provide the desired results with minimally invasive techniques ensuring lower damage and minimal discomfort.

    Cheek fillers are injected directly into the area and have results for up to 2 years. Thus it would need regular maintenance. It is, however, done in around 5 to 10 minutes as compared to implants.

    On the other hand, cheek implants are a more expensive option. It needs longer surgery time and healing time and involves the use of anaesthesia. If you consider the long term, the total cost of implants at one time and the cost of injections every two years are nearly equal. Cheek fillers are the best option for those who are unsure if they want permanent changes.

    Still doubtful which option to go with? Then wait no more and contact us to get complete details about cheek lift surgery in Ahmedabad at The Aesthetica. Moreover, Dr Shah is one of the best-known doctors for cheek augmentation surgery in Ahmedabad. He has treated several cases and maintained a high success rate for cheek surgery in Ahmedabad.

    The recovery period does not need any extensive care. The doctor instructs to avoid any contact sports to allow the implants to settle at their own pace. Some skin tightening might be felt due to it. Antibiotics are prescribed to patients for whom an oral incision was done for placing the implants.

    Be ready for activities you will do in the next two days after the surgery. You can resume back to the office and daily life in a week.

    You can visit us at The Aesthetica to get more details about cheek implant surgery in Ahmedabad. We have the availability of modern facilities and technology along with a well-developed infrastructure to support all kinds of complex procedures. Also, our doctors are highly skilled and experienced to ensure they perform successful surgeries with minimal discomfort. So think no more and book an appointment with Dr Ashit Shah at The Aesthetica for a cheek lift in Ahmedabad today!

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