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Gynecomastia In Rajkot

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Overdevelopment of the chest in men is known as gynecomastia.

    There is no particular reason which leads to gynecomastia; however, hormonal imbalance or certain types of medications can be a reason behind it.

    If you are looking for a hospital for gynecomastia surgery in Rajkot, The Aesthetica may be the right choice

    Unfortunately, exercising is not the solution to gynecomastia. It does not help in breast tissues or fat, and hence, regular gym-goers can also experience gynecomastia.

    The suitable treatment for you depends on the kind and intensity of the problem. If there is only fat tissue present, liposuction will be used to fix the problem with minimum breast tissues. If there is a moderate amount of breast tissue present, it can be removed by making an incision through the areola. If you have a lot of skin present along with fat and breast tissues, the skin also has to be removed.

    Are you looking for a surgeon or a hospital to undergo gynecomastia surgery in Rajkot? Then you may consider The Aesthetica. We offer the best service at the most affordable prices. So call and schedule an appointment with us to understand the gynecomastia cost in Rajkot and to undergo treatment under the skilful hands of some of the best surgeons.

    Recovery depends upon the extent of the surgery that is done. For example, for liposuction or breast tissue removal surgery, it takes around 3 to 5 days for recovery.

    If you undergo liposuction, there will barely be any scarring in the chest. Additionally, breast tissue removal by making incisions also does not leave behind any visible scars. For example, if the breast tissue is removed by making a periareolar incision, the scars will be hidden in the joint of the skin and areola. However, if there is major skin removal by surgery, there can be scars in the chest.

    Gynecomastia surgery costs in Rajkot are usually high, but at The Aesthetica, you can get your treatment done at a reasonable price. So call and schedule your appointment today!

    Here are some factors that cause gynecomastia:

    Excess breast tissue: The reason behind gynecomastia is excessive breast tissue or glandular tissue. It is caused by genetic factors, hormonal imbalance or side effects of other medications. For men who have excess breast tissue, gynecomastia is the only option to restore the original proportions.

    Excess fat: Excess fat can also be a reason behind gynecomastia. If someone happens to be overweight, they might experience an enlarged chest. However, it is normal for fat to occur in the chest of healthy men as well. The fat generally accumulates in breast roll, axilla, pre-axilla and upper abdominal rib fat. It makes the chest enlarged.

    Some people may be advised to exercise or maintain a healthy diet to lose weight, which might help the chest to regain its original proportions. In rare cases, liposuction can be used to treat an enlarged chest. However, the glandular tissue also needs to be removed along with the fatty tissue.

    Excess skin: Excess skin is a problem for those who have lost a lot of weight. Excess skin can be a reason for gynecomastia as it creates a drooping or sagging appearance of skin. The excess skin needs to be tightened to get a satisfactory result.

    Are you looking for a hospital offering gynecomastia in Rajkot? You may want to consider visiting The Aesthetica.

    The Aesthetica is ideal because we have some of the best gynecomastia doctors from Rajkot empanelled at our clinic. So you can get your treatment done comfortably at a low price. So call and schedule your appointment with us today to get your gynecomastia treatment in Rajkot!

    To understand the kind of gynecomastia that you have, consult a doctor who will examine your chest and analyse the problems causing it.

    There are five types of gynecomastia: classic gynecomastia, puffy areola, fatty gynecomastia, saggy gynecomastia and breast roll. Knowing the kind of gynecomastia can help you detect the type of tissue causing the problem. For instance, saggy gynecomastia is caused due to excessive skin. On the other hand, fatty gynecomastia is caused due to excess fat.

    After analysing your problem, your doctor will be able to suggest a suitable treatment plan that will bring your chest down to its original proportion.

    If you search for gynecomastia surgery costs in Rajkot online, you will get many options for hospitals and clinics. But you should select the best one that provides good treatment besides being affordable. The Aesthetica can be suitable for gynecomastia surgery in Rajkot, as we have expert doctors who ensure successful results.

    There are several plastic surgeons who can perform the gynecomastia procedure. However, only the specialists can understand the procedure and handle all the complexities using the best methods. Therefore, before you choose your surgeon for the surgery, make sure that they are board-certified in the field of plastic surgery. Also, see that they are an expert in the field of men’s chest reduction.

    It gives the general appearance: Society has created a very detailed distinction of what a man or a woman should look like. Women should have hips and chest proportionate to each other and waist smaller than that. On the other hand, men are supposed to have a well-defined chest, large traps, larger anterior delts, and the torso should taper down towards the hips. You may have toned muscles, but it can be a problem when you have bulky and strong pectoral muscles. It enhances the glandular tissue in the chest, similar to those of women. One of the best advantages of the procedure is that chest reduction helps you get a general masculine appearance.

    If you consider undergoing the procedure, everyone around you will see and acknowledge your well-defined chest.

    Reduction of the chest in men may also include liposuction in the flanks to help you get the best or the tapered masculine appearance. In addition, doing exercises like swimming or rowing a boat frequently helps tone your back muscles. It enables you to get the perfect shape, and soon there will be no traces of gynecomastia in your body.

    Suppose you are looking for a hospital for gynecomastia in Rajkot. In that case, you may choose The Aesthetica as we have well-qualified doctors and excellent facilities to cater to all your needs.

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