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    Ear Repair & Correction

    Ear Repair & Correction At The Aesthetica

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Otoplasty, also known as cosmetic ear surgery, helps correct the shape, position or size of the ears. You can easily opt for an otoplasty procedure if you are bothered or unsatisfied with how your ears are attached to your head. The procedure is also suitable for you if your sears are not in good shape or you have suffered an injury or congenital disability in your ears.

    You can undergo an otoplasty procedure at any time or age you want, even after the ears have attained their full size. After age 5, you can undergo ear surgery whenever you want. In case a child is born with deformed ears or other ears, they can undergo splinting as it helps in correcting the problems just after birth.

    Like any other major surgery, otoplasty also has certain risks and complications such as intense bleeding, infection or adverse reactions to anaesthesia. Here are some other possible risks:

    • Scarring: One of the possible complications of an otoplasty procedure is scarring. They last for a lifetime and are most likely hidden behind your ears or within the ears' folds.
    • Asymmetrical placement of the ears: The problem can be caused due to changes while you are going through the recovery process. It may also happen that the surgery might not be done correctly, which results in the asymmetry.
    • Changes in sensations of the skin: After undergoing otoplasty, the difference in position of your ears can temporarily affect the sensations of your skin. The changes may be permanent in rare cases.
    • Allergy: you can also have an allergic reaction to the surgical tape or other pieces of equipment used in the procedure or after it.
    • Adverse reactions to stitching: The stitches used to fix the new position of the ears can reach the skin's surface and should be removed. In this case, you will observe inflammation in the area of treatment, and you will require additional surgery.
    • Overcorrection: There are possibilities of you having unnatural contours which might make your ears appear to be pinned back.

    All these risks and complications make it vital for you to select the hospital offering the best ear lobe treatment in Ahmedabad. So The Aesthetica might be the right choice for you as our team of experts is led by Dr Ashit Shah and works tirelessly to ensure a successful yet affordable ear repair in Ahmedabad.

    Here is a detailed explanation of what you can expect from an otoplasty procedure:

    Before: The otoplasty procedure is done in the hospital on an outpatient basis. The doctors take the help of sedation and local anaesthesia which numbs only a particular part of the body. On other occasions, general anaesthesia is used, which makes you unconscious, and it is given to you before the procedure.

    During: Otoplasty methods are determined by the method that is being used. The technique the doctor chooses to perform will influence the location of the incisions and scars.
    Some places where your doctor can make incisions are:

    • Back of your ears.
    • Within the inner folds of your eras.

    After the incisions have been completed, the doctor will get rid of the extra cartilage and skin. Next, they will fold the cartilage in the desired position and then fix it there with the help of internal stitches. Finally, more stitches will be used to close the incisions. The procedure is generally done within 2 hours.

    After: After the procedure, you will be covered in bandages so that the treatment area is protected and supported. You usually feel some pain and discomfort, and you should take the medications prescribed by your doctor. If you experience immense pain after the procedure, contact your doctor immediately.

    Sleep on your side to avoid putting pressure on your ears, and do not rub or apply force on the incisions. Wear button-down or loose-fitting shirts to avoid putting pressure on your ears.

    After a few days of the procedure, your doctor will remove the bandages, and your ears will probably be swollen and red. For a few weeks, you must wear a loose headband that helps your ears stay in place while sleeping.

    At last, you will need to talk with your doctor regarding when you should remove your bandages. Dome stitches might dissolve themselves, and others must be removed in the doctor's office after the otoplasty procedure. Your doctor will instruct you when it is okay to resume your daily activities.

    If you are looking for an ear lobe repair doctor in Ahmedabad, contact Dr Ashit Shah at the Aesthetica. We have excellent facilities which will help you get your desired results at an affordable price. So hurry up and get your ear lobe repair in Ahmedabad done successfully.

    Sutureless Glue Repair Vs Sutured Earlobe Repair

    If performed by a highly qualified and experienced doctor, both methods can give excellent results. However, there are some differences between both procedures. The sutureless glue repair might leave a scar visible on the surface of the earlobe. The suture line reflects the light at the wrong angles, making the scar more visible and prominent.

    On the other hand, the sutured repair makes you revisit the clinic after seven days of the procedures. However, it leaves behind a thin scar which is generally not visible on the surface of the earlobe.

    Are you looking for an ear lobe repair in Ahmedabad? Then visit The Aesthetica and have a successful and affordable treatment with Dr Ashit Shah. He is often recognised among the best ear lobe repair doctors in Ahmedabad.

    Here are the following steps involved in the earlobe repair:

    Preparation: While you go ahead with the procedure, you will have a consultation with your doctor regarding any current medications you are intaking. It will help the doctor understand if any blood thinners might affect the procedure negatively.

    Applying local anaesthesia: administering local anaesthesia will keep the area of treatment numb while keeping the patient awake. The anaesthesia will take a few minutes to show effect and stay for about 4 to 6 hours.

    Cleaning the area of treatment: the process is done by removing old scar tissues and correcting the shape of the ears.

    Applying fine sutures for proper healing: the process includes quick recovery with minimum scarring.

    Are you looking for ear lobe repair in Ahmedabad? Then book an appointment at The Aesthetica. Our experts, led by Dr Ashit Shah, can provide you with an effective yet affordable ear repair in Ahmedabad with the help of state-of-the-art facilities and advanced technologies.

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