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    Chin Surgery

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Genioplasty, also known as chin surgery, is a surgical procedure performed to correct chin misalignment, receding chin, or repositioning the bones through implants. These cosmetic surgeries are usually done to enhance one's facial harmony.

    It aims to improve chin, jaw, cheek, and forehead balance in the following ways:

    • Moving chin forward (Advancement)
    • Moving chin backward (Pushback)
    • Side-to-side
    • Vertical changes

    Minor surgical procedures are generally performed on the lower jawline to correct the facial proportion. In some cases, silicone implants are used to increase or lower chin projection. The surgery can vary from simple to complex depending upon the procedures.

    Genioplasty is generally done to enhance one's facial look. However, some medical conditions also call for chin surgery, such as Retrogenia (a receding chin) in which sleep apnea can be obstructed. Anyone who wants to get chin surgery done is in good health and is free from pre-existing diseases can undergo surgery.

    The chin surgery can be performed by a general surgeon or plastic surgeon with required training. It can also be performed by oral-maxillofacial surgeons who specialise in treating the head, mouth, jaw and face.

    Your surgeon will explain to you all about the surgery and the probable risks associated with it. Then, after signing the consent form, the chin surgery is conducted to ensure that you completely understand the procedure and potential complications. Like any other cosmetic surgery, chin surgery should also be performed once the body is fully matured, which happens at 18 to 21 years old.

    Are you thinking of getting your chin augmentation surgery in Ahmedabad? Visit The Aesthetica now. Dr Ashit Shah, one of the top and most experienced cosmetic and plastic surgeons, will help you get desired results and boost your confidence. So go now and book your appointment for chin surgery in Ahmedabad.

    Chin Surgery can be classified into two types: Sliding genioplasty and Chin Implants. Both the types differ in the procedures. Sliding genioplasty is a surgical procedure, whereas, in a later one, chin augmentation is done using implants.

    Sliding Genioplasty

    Sliding genioplasty is done to correct the positioning of the chin and jawline by reshaping the bone. During genioplasty, an incision is made in the gum line to relocate or remove the chin bone altogether.

    Sliding genioplasty is usually recommended for those with severe Retrogenia or who need chin augmentation greater than four millimetres.

    Chin Implant

    This surgical procedure uses an implant to reshape, enlarge or push the chin bone. It involves directly inserting implants on the chin bone, which can be done surgically or using injections.

    The implant is inserted through an incision on the gum line in surgical implantation. Alloplastic Implants, made of synthetic material, is most commonly used. In surgical procedures, injections are used to insert body fats or fillers on the chin bone.

    If you want either of the above-mentioned types of chin surgeries, come over to The Aesthetica.

    For affordable chin implant surgery in Ahmedabad, visit Aesthetica. We have excellent facilities with the availability of all the advanced equipment required to perform the surgery. Contact now to get the best service for chin surgery in Ahmedabad.

    Generally, before the Genioplasty surgery, a consultation session is organised with the surgeon. It aims to make patients understand the procedure, benefits, and potential risks and discuss your desired results. In addition, an X-ray may be conducted to determine the most suitable method for the patient.

    Chin Surgery involves an incision on the inner part of the lower lip or under the chin. And then, the surgeon repositions the chin bone or inserts the implant.

    Preparing for Surgery

    Once the consultation is done, and the most suitable chin surgery option is chosen, your surgeon will start planning the surgery. You will need some preparations before the surgery. Wash your hair properly one day before surgery to avoid any infection. Moreover, one should restrain the consumption of alcoholic drinks at least 48 hours before the surgery. It is always best to consult the surgical team on all steps to prepare oneself for the Chin augmentation surgery.


    Local anaesthesia is given to patients to make them comfortable throughout the procedure. Moreover, the insertion of an implant or surgical technique could be quite painful, so anaesthesia keeps them free from pain.


    Once the procedure is performed, the incision is stitched closed, and compression tape is put on the mouth and chin area to protect it. It is essential to follow all the guidelines and appointments provided by your surgeon after the surgery for quick recovery. In case of any emergency, immediately visit your doctor.

    Choosing the best and most trustworthy hospital for chin augmentation surgery in Ahmedabad is vital. Dr Ashit Shah is known for his brilliant work. With this team of experts, he performs the chin surgery professionally to provide desired results. So, if you are looking for chin lift surgery in Ahmedabad, Aesthetica is the right choice for you.

    Patients can return to their homes on the same day and resume their daily routine no more than seven days after the surgery. Minimal pain may be experienced at the sight of surgery. However, you can take painkillers recommended by your surgeon to reduce the pain.

    One should avoid consuming solid food and take only a liquid diet for at least 2 to 3 days after the surgery. In addition, you will need to keep your head elevated and sleep face-up to control swallowing and allow quick healing.

    Dr Ashit Shah is one of the country's top plastic and cosmetic surgeons. With 25 years of experience and a speciality in reconstructive surgery, cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic dermatology, etc., Dr Shah is regarded as one of the best surgeons for chin surgery in Ahmedabad. In addition, his excellent credibility can easily be proven by his patients' reviews and the high success rate of chin implant surgery in Ahmedabad. So book your consultation with Dr Ashit Shah today!

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