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    Breast Implant at a glance

    Procedure Time

    2-3 Hours


    General Anesthesia


    7-10 days

    Duration of Results


    Final Results

    4-6 weeks

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    *Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such The Aesthetica cannot guarantee specific results.

    Breast Implant

    Breast Implant At The Aesthetica

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    You cannot choose a breast implant randomly. Various factors influence the choice of an implant, such as:

    • Enlargement expectations
    • Stature and size of your body
    • Existing breast tissue
    • Skin cover of the breast
    • Breasts and overall laxity
    • Rib cage shape
    • Breasts asymmetry

    The doctors consider these factors during consultation. Moreover, the doctors put external sizers to understand how you will look after the implant. You may select the appropriate size with help from an external sizer.

    Remember, the size you choose can impact the cost of the procedure. To know the breast transplant surgery cost in Ahmedabad based on the size you find is ideal, you may contact The Aesthetica.

    An implant is a silicone bag filled with saline or silicone. Silicone gel implants have two layers. The outer shell consists of silicone, and the inner part is filled with silicone gel. Silicone gel’s viscosity is similar to natural breasts. Moreover, these provide a realistic feel and look.

    In saline-filled breast implants, a silicone breast implant is inserted into the breast tissue and filled with a saline solution. It gives a firm appearance, and your breasts may feel unnatural after inserting these implants.

    However, you must consult your surgeon and discuss which implants will work the best for you. Based on the implant you choose, the surgery cost will be determined. You may call The Aesthetica to know the approximate silicone implant cost in Ahmedabad.

    Round breast implants give a curved appearance to the breast. These are sphere-shaped implants that are placed within the breast pocket. When these are placed within the breast pocket, they can rotate without changing their shape.

    Anatomical implants resemble the shape of natural breasts. For example, an implant with a top and a bottom is called a teardrop implant. These do not rotate and stay in the same shape. However, the top part of these implants may position outward or inward. But all sides of round implants are the same. So it does not matter if the implants rotate.

    Are you interested in getting a breast implant? Would you like to know the breast transplant cost in Ahmedabad? Call or visit The Aesthetica.

    Smooth or micro-textured implants are more suitable for the breast implants method. Moreover, these have lower risks. So you may ask your surgeon to insert smooth implants in your breast pocket.

    Breast implants come with different amounts of forward projection. The implant projection is chosen based on skin laxity and your expectations of breast projection.

    However, these are categorised into the following profiles:

    • Low profile
      These implants have a lower base diameter projection than a moderate profile breast implant.
    • Moderate profile
      The average breast implant profile.
    • High profile
      Breast implants with more projection per base diameter measurement than a medium profile breast implant.

    You may choose among these profiles based on your breast implants’ expectations. Moreover, you may discuss these profiles with your doctor. If you are looking for a doctor to determine the breast transplant cost in Ahmedabad, you may consult at The Aesthetica.

    The incision is made above the crease underneath the breast as it is considered the most preferred route for breast implants. However, you will not notice the scars in a few days as they heal quickly. Moreover, this incision route reduces the risk of infections as the implants do not pass through the breast ducts. In addition, the incision gives control over the placement of the implants. The cost of surgery varies based on various factors, with the type and location of the incision being one of them. To know the breast transplant surgery cost in Ahmedabad, call and schedule a consultation appointment at The Aesthetica today!

    You may face these complications from breast implant surgery:

    • Capsular contracture
      An implant is a foreign object for the body, and the body may form a scar around the implant. The scar formation is called a capsule. In some women, the capsule can thicken and contract to a varying degree. The situation is called capsule contracture. However, it is a rare condition, and its possibility stands at around 1%. If detected early, this condition can be treated without surgery.
    • Bleeding
      It is a rare condition, but bleeding may occur into the breast pockets made for the implants.
    • Infection
      If you undergo surgery in a clean and hygienic setup, you will not get infected. Moreover, infection risks are reduced by strict aseptic precautions taken during surgery.
    • Bruising
      You may get minor bruising after the surgery. However, it may resolve in 7-10 days.
    • Swelling
      If the implants are placed within the pectoralis muscles, you may experience some swelling in the breast region. However, the swelling will resolve once the implants are settled. It may take up to 2-4 weeks to see an improvement.
    • Sensation
      After breast augmentation, the nipples may have increased sensitivity or decreased sensation. In rare cases, the changes in sensation may be permanent.

    However, you can minimise the risk by following your doctor’s suggestions. Moreover, you must follow after-care tips for a better recovery. For information on breast implants, the procedure, recovery or silicone implant cost in Ahmedabad, you may contact The Aesthetica.

    Breast augmentation involves surgically inserting an implant behind each breast. Your doctor may insert the implant through the crease present beneath the breasts. Moreover, it can be performed around the areola. The doctor makes tiny and inconspicuous incisions in these areas.

    The plastic surgeon creates a pocket for the implant behind the muscle between the breast and chest wall. It creates a natural appearance and makes it easier for you to obtain accurate mammograms in the future. Moreover, it reduces the risk of capsular contracture.

    You must undergo breast augmentation surgery in a renowned clinic or hospital. Choose a clinic with state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern equipment. In addition, you may meet the surgeons at The Aesthetics to understand the procedure in detail.

    There is no fixed price for the surgery. As each woman has unique breasts and different surgical expectations, providing a standard price for the procedure is challenging. However, your doctor may decide the price after performing the initial consultations.

    To know the breast transplant surgery cost in Ahmedabad, you may call or visit The Aesthetica.

    Breast implants are safe for anyone undergoing this surgery. There are very few risks concerning this procedure. If you want large or symmetrical breasts, breast reconstruction after mastectomy, breast implants are highly satisfying and long-lasting solutions. Moreover, to understand the surgical outcomes, you may look at before and after photographs of patients who underwent this procedure. If you already have breast implants, you must get them checked for ruptures, slippage, leakage, swelling, and other potential problems. In addition, you may visit doctors at The Aesthetica for a yearly examination of breast implants.

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