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    Fat Reduction Treatment

    Fat Reduction treatment At The Aesthetica

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Liposuction is a medical procedure that is performed to remove fat. The surgery is ideal for the boy parts such as the leg, abdomen, face, back, neck, and arms. It is one of the best surgeries to remove fat as it provides better results than non-invasive surgeries. However, the liposuction cost can be relatively high and may take longer to recover. But it is an excellent choice to reduce excess fat deposits. The surgery also improves the figure by removing the fat from various body parts. However, there are some health complications related to surgery.

    It is also recommended to go to a certified and trained surgeon for the surgery. Are you looking for a doctor to get a fat reduction in Ahmedabad? Dr Ashit Shah will be one the best choice. He specialises in plastic and cosmetic surgeries and has years of experience. So make an appointment with our experts today.

    Liposuction involves the suction to remove excess fat from body parts such as the abdomen, face, hips, buttocks, neck or arms. The surgical procedure is also commonly known as lipoplasty or body contouring as it enhances the body's shape.

    Don't confuse liposuction with weight loss alternatives. It is not a surgery that will help you lose weight if it is too much. First, you'll need to lose weight through diet and exercise or, in extreme cases, bariatric procedures like gastric bypass surgery. Once that is done, then liposuction is performed.

    Liposuction is generally performed if you have excess weight in some body weight, but overall you have stable body weight.

    To get the best fat reduction treatment in Ahmedabad, visit The Aesthetica. We have availability of all the necessities from expert and skilled surgical teams, equipment and advanced machines.

    A liposuction or fat reduction procedure removes excess fat from body parts that do not respond to diet or exercise. Body parts where the surgical procedure can be done are:

    • Buttocks
    • Upper arms
    • Chest and back
    • Abdomen
    • Chin and neck
    • Calves and ankles
    • Thighs and hips
    • Breast reduction or treatment of gynecomastia

    When the weight is gained, fat cells' size and volume increase; that is why liposuction tends to minimise the number of fat cells. It usually depends on the area's appearance and the fat volume. As long as weight is maintained stable, the contouring stays permanent.

    Once the surgery is performed, the skin moulds itself to the new contour. You will look good with an excellent skin tone and elasticity. However, if the skin is thin, it will seem a bit loose. It will also not improve cellulite dimpling, skin irregularities, or stretch marks.

    To get liposuction done, you must be in good health without any severe health conditions such as restricted blood flow, coronary artery disease, weak immune system, and coronary artery disease.

    Liposuction is performed to remove or reduce fat from various body parts. Are you thinking of getting liposuction done? Hurry up, book an appointment at The Aesthetica and get the best fat reduction treatment in Ahmedabad.

    Just like other procedures, there are some possible risks associated with liposuction. Some of them are:

    Contour irregularities

    The uneven removal of fat can lead to bumpy, wavy or withered skin. It can also abrupt the healing and lead to poor skin elasticity. In addition, the cannula used for suction can cause damage beneath the skin, which can lead to permanent changes.

    Fluid accumulation

    Pockets of fluid called seromas may accumulate under the skin. Your healthcare provider will have to remove this fluid by draining it through the needle.


    This surgery may lead to temporary or permanent numbness in the area where it is performed. You can also feel nerve irritation for a short time after the surgery.


    An internal puncture can cause severe skin infection. It is rare but life-threatening. If the cannula is inserted too deep into the organ, it can puncture it. That's why it is always advised to go to a trained physician or surgeon.

    Fat embolism

    During the surgery, some fat pieces may break, get trapped in blood vessels, accumulate in the lung, or reach the brain. It is an emergency and should be attended to by doctors immediately.

    Lidocaine toxicity

    Lidocaine is given during the liposuction to help ease the pain. However, in rare cases, you may have lidocaine toxicity, leading to heart and nervous system problems.

    Kidney and heart problems

    Since the fluid is sucked out or injected into the body, there are fluid shifts. It can cause various heart and kidney problems.

    Like so many medical procedures, liposuction has some mild or severe risks. That's why it would be best to visit an experienced and well-trained surgeon to mitigate the risk of complications.

    So if you want an experienced and qualified doctor for liposuction, consult with Dr Ashit Shah at The Aesthetica. He is highly regarded for providing one of the best fat reduction treatments in Ahmedabad.

    Your surgeon will help you determine which lipo technique is best for you based on your treatment goal and body type. Some of the types of liposuction are:

    • Tumescent Liposuction: In this technique, a sterile solution is injected into the area, making it swollen. Then a small cut is made, and the fat is sucked out through a cannula.
    • Ultrasound-assisted liposuction: In this procedure, a metal rod is inserted, which emits ultrasonic energy. It breaks down the fats, which are then easily removed.
    • Laser-assisted liposuction: In this technique, a laser fibre is inserted into the area that emits high-intensity laser light, emulsifying the fat deposit, which is then removed through a cannula.
    • Power-assisted liposuction: In this procedure, a cannula that moves to-and-fro rapidly is used, creating a vibration that allows easy removal of tough fibre.

    During the liposuction, the doctor will administer anaesthesia to ease the pain. They will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and oxygen level throughout the process. After the procedure, you will have to spend a few hours at the clinic or hospital so the surgeon can monitor your condition.

    You can expect temporary pain, bruising and swelling. It will take some time for complete recovery. In case you notice any abnormality, you must immediately consult your doctor.

    Consultation with your surgeon is necessary at every step of liposuction. Want to know where to go for liposuction surgery? So book your appointment for a consultation at The Aesthetica to learn all about fat reduction in Ahmedabad.

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