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Liposuction In Gujarat

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    Liposuction at a glance

    Procedure Time

    1-3 Hours


    Local or general Anaesthesia


    3-14 days

    Duration of Results


    Patient Satisfaction

    More than 90%

    Procedure Time

    1-3 Hours

    Back to Work

    2-4 Days


    Local or general Anaesthesia


    3-14 days depending upon area & lifestyle

    Duration of Results / Recovery

    Permenant (dependent on Diet & Lifestyle) 5-10 Aftercare sessions recommended

    Final Results

    4-6 weeks*

    Pain Factor - Post Op Pain

    6 out of 10

    Before and After

    *Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such The Aesthetica cannot guarantee specific results.



    Liposuction At The Aesthetica

    Cosmetic Treatment Is An Art

    Cosmetic treatment can be defined as a great effort to create artistic value, in the sense that it strives to seek beauty and make you look and feel younger.

    State of the Art Equipment

    We use only the best in class equipment to deliver stellar results. Modalities are selected based on clients concern and expectations

    Safety with Privacy

    Client’s safety is of paramount importance to Aesthetica and so we only use FDA approved machines, anaesthesia and highly sterile environment.


    From client’s first visit to their follow-ups all of the processes are transparent.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    After the surgery, an adult should accompany you home and stay with you for the next 24 hours. You will be given compression garments to wear for proper healing. The doctor would give you some instructions on how to proceed with post-operative care and possible side effects.

    Most of the side effects can be dealt with, with the help of prescribed medications and pain relievers. However, it is necessary to stay hydrated, wear the given compression garments, avoid food items containing salt (as it may increase inflammation) and take proper rest.

    In the follow-up appointments, the surgeon would track the progress of surgery and remove stitches. All the doubts regarding the surgery and symptoms should be discussed with the surgeon.

    At The Aesthetica, we provide all the information, from the laser liposuction cost in Gujarat
    to the possible complications. We have an entire team of surgeons skilled to perform liposuction in Gujarat. For further information, contact us or visit our clinic.

    After the surgery, immediately, you will have to wear a compression garment for the body to adapt to the new contour and decrease inflammation. Swelling is a part of post-operative recovery. Compression garments distribute the pressure evenly across the operated area and prevent fluid accumulation in the area. It also reduces other complications like bleeding, bruising and permanent scarring. In addition, compression garments help the skin fit in the new shape.

    It is necessary to wear compression garments all the time during the first few weeks. After that, the duration for wearing the compression garment decreases to 12 hours a day or whenever you need support in the operating area during the later weeks.

    Some surgeons would instruct you to wear the compression garment at all times for the first few months after the surgery, while other surgeons might not follow the same method. The instruction for the recovery period varies from surgeon to surgeon and depends mainly on the kind of technique used for surgery.

    If a large quantity of fat were removed, the patient would have to wear the compression garment for a more extended period as compared to the patient who has undergone minor surgery. The surgeon has the best knowledge, and they know the most appropriate choice for you.

    If you want to know about liposuction surgery in Gujarat, you may contact Aesthetica. We have the latest technologies, skilled professionals and modern infrastructure to provide the best services to our patients. In addition, you may contact us for more information about fat removal surgery costs in Gujarat at our clinic.

    The only way to reduce swelling is by consistently wearing compression garments correctly as directed by the surgeon. The swelling would be present for a considerable amount of time up to a few months. Going for regular walks and massages help to reduce the swelling.

    Massaging the lymphatic areas help to decrease fluid accumulation in the operated area. The area should be massaged gently as incisions and bruising may be present. The massage should be done by someone else and not by oneself. Some amount of fluid leakage is possible.

    If you want safe liposuction surgery in Gujarat, you may contact the experts at The Aesthetica. We can help you with exceptionally affordable liposuction in Gujarat.

    Fibrosis after liposuction refers to the unevenness of the skin surface. It can be scarring, lumps, and thickened tissues in specific areas. Massaging helps in the process of healing.

    Lumps are a part of the liposuction recovery phase. It can be decreased by fluid drainage through the incisions or bimodal compression technique. The surgeon would discuss the techniques before, and all doubts would be cleared.

    Sometimes, the lumps do not disappear completely and might need consecutive sessions for their removal. In addition, liposuction does not guarantee a smooth flat contour and may leave some lumps.

    Liposuction is one of the best ways to get rid of stubborn fat. If you want to know more about the liposuction cost in Gujarat, you may contact us at The Aesthetica.

    Liposuction is a suitable surgery for patients with good skin elasticity. It means the skin would easily adapt to the new contour. The doctor will check your skin elasticity during the consultation session. In case of poor skin elasticity, additional treatment can be done. After the procedure, the loose skin can be surgically removed. Massaging treatments and creams further promote and enhance skin elasticity.

    Liposuction surgery may be followed by subsequent surgeries to get the desired look. So it might eventually add up to your budget. At Aesthetica, we give you complete information about liposuction surgery costs in Gujarat in the consultation session.

    Small incisions are made to insert a cannula for fat removal during the surgery. The incisions are small and done in the less visible regions.

    The extent of scarring depends on the technique used, amount of fat removed and individual healing rate. Scar removal treatments like laser treatment or prescribed creams can fade away scars.

    If you want to know more about the fat removal surgery cost in Gujarat, contact us at Aesthetica for the best service of body contouring in Gujarat.

    The body needs sufficient time to heal and recover after the surgery. A smooth recovery is possible only if you follow all the instructions given by your surgeon. During the recovery period, drink sufficient amounts of water, go for walks, wear the compression garment as directed and take proper care of the incision areas to avoid infections.

    There is considerable inflammation after surgery, so it is better to wear loose clothes. The exact size of the clothes cannot be said. Most people continue with their previous clothes, while some may purchase higher-sized clothes as the swelling increases. The compression garment has to be worn under the clothes.

    Several factors need to be considered while choosing the best slimming center in Gujarat. At Aesthetica, we provide the best services on your budget. So if you are looking for a hospital providing excellent liposuction in Gujarat, visit us at The Aesthetica.

    Liposuction is a form of cosmetic surgery wherein special chemicals dissolve the fat in the targeted area. After that, the fat is sucked out using a tube, giving you a contoured body.

    Fat can accumulate in any part of the body. With diet and exercise, most people manage to get rid of excessive fat. But at times, the stubborn fat remains irrespective of the lifestyle changes you make, especially in some parts of the body. These parts of the body are called the ‘problem areas’ where liposuction can be performed. They are as follows-

    • Double Chin
    • Back of Neck
    • Upper Arm
    • Bottoms
    • Breasts
    • Outer Thighs
    • Area of the bra strap
    • Abdomen
    • Muffin Top
    • Love handles

    The ankles, inner thighs and upper back are the less common areas.

    The perfect area for liposuction varies according to every individual. In addition, everyone has a different reaction to the exercises. Professional and certified cosmetic surgeons can aptly guide the patients regarding the potential areas for liposuction.

    To know more about areas that can be treated with liposuction, call us and schedule an appointment with our experienced doctors. We are always ready to help you get the best liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad.

    There is a popular misconception about liposuction being a weight loss procedure. It is not; it is a fat reduction procedure. As a patient, you must be in your ideal weight and in good health to undergo liposuction. Remember, it is neither a weight loss procedure nor an obesity treatment.

    How much fat the surgeon can remove from the treatment area during a single operation depends on various factors. It includes the surgeon’s assessment and aesthetic goals of the patient. You can get your assessment for liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad done today from the experienced professionals at the Aesthetic clinic.

    Every person experiences different results post-surgery. The results depend on various factors that your doctor will discuss with you during your first consultation. Your surgeon might be able to help you visualise what the outcomes might be. Once the surgery is done, there is some swelling, and the skin might feel loose. Due to these reasons, you may require a couple of weeks or months to see the outcomes of the surgery neatly.

    Once the fat cells are removed, it is permanent. However, post-surgery patients can gain new fat cells. Thus, planning a healthy diet, exercise, and lifestyle changes after the surgery are vital to prevent gaining new fat.

    Planning to undergo liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad? You may want to consult with the experts at the Aesthetica Clinic.

    Most patients resume their work after a few days of surgery. Within 2-4 weeks, they should be able to resume daily activities like exercise. However, the postoperative care and recovery instructions vary according to the treated area and the amount of fat cells removed.

    Following suggestions can help you on the path of short and painless recovery but do expect some discomfort at times. Making lifestyle adjustments like rest, hydration, quitting smoking might cut short the healing period and lessen the complications. The most expected effects of the surgery are swelling, bruising and tenderness in the operated area. After the surgery, your doctor will suggest some pain-relieving options and which pain killers to avoid.

    Wearing compression garments on the treated areas is a familiar post-surgery ritual. The doctor might modify your activities for the coming weeks to reduce the stress in specific areas.

    To ensure that you recover without experiencing any side effects or delay in recovery, make sure that you follow all the measures suggested by your doctor after your liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad.

    Your surgeon might ask you to wear compression clothing for 1-2 months after the surgery to avoid excess swelling. You will need some antibiotics to prevent infections. You can ask the following questions to your surgeon to understand the recovery process-

    • What medicines should I take?
    • Do I need to wear bandages?
    • Will I get stitches?
    • When will they be removed?
    • When can I resume exercising?
    • Do I need follow-up visits?

    Most people return to work in a few days and to their daily routine in about two weeks. But do understand that every person is different.

    At Aesthetica, we are always ready to answer any of your doubts to make you feel like your liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad is worth the time and money you have invested.

    If you are based in Ahmedabad, you can consider visiting Aesthetica Clinic. We have some top-notch doctors and cosmetic surgeons with us who can make your liposuction journey much more manageable. We aim at providing the best, so be assured of the quality of treatment.

    When we talk about these surgeries, experience matters a lot. The more the experience, the more is the guarantee of getting the desired and complication-free outcome. At Aesthetica, our doctors have vast experience treating patients in all sorts of cosmetic surgeries, including liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad. We try to understand the needs of our patients and work accordingly. To ensure a wholesome makeover, our team with over 28 years of experience has expertise in plastic surgery, gynaecology and dentistry.

    You can get more information about liposuction surgery in Ahmedabad by booking your consultation appointment at Aesthetica Clinic today!

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