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    Laser Hair removal

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    In the laser hair removal procedure, a concentrated beam of light (laser) is projected to remove unwanted hair from the body. It is a medical procedure performed by trained cosmetic doctors.

    During the procedure, a laser emits light absorbed by melanin peasant in the hair. The light is then converted into heat that damages the follicles responsible for hair growth. It helps to control hair growth by delaying it.

    Another thing to remember is that this procedure only delays hair growth and does not permanently stop it. For the initial hair removal, multiple laser treatments are needed together with maintenance treatments. Though it is best for people with light skin and dark hair, it is suitable for all skin types.

    If you are looking for a reasonable cost of laser hair removal in Ahmedabad, visit The Aesthetica. We are highly recognised among the best laser hair removal clinics in Ahmedabad. Our experts can help you with an effective hair removal under budget without much discomfort.

    Laser hair removal generally takes 2 to 6 treatments. The interval between the treatments usually depends on the part of your body that needs hair removal. For instance, if treatment needs to be conducted on upper lips where hair grows rapidly, the interval between the treatments will be four to eight weeks. But in case of slow hair growth, the treatment is repeated every 12 to 16 weeks.

    You will be given special goggles for eye protection. Moreover, if your surgeon finds it necessary, an assistant will shave the area again. Moreover, a local anaesthetic may be provided to avoid discomfort.

    During Procedure

    A laser instrument will be pressed on the area that needs to be treated. A cooling device or a gel might be used on the tip of the instrument to protect the skin and lower the risk of any possible side effects.

    When the laser is switched on, the beams pass through the skin to the hair follicles and the intense heat damages it. During this procedure, it is common to feel a little discomfort as a warm pinprick and a cold sensation from the gel.

    If a small area needs to be treated, the procedure will take a few minutes, but if the target is a larger area, it might take hours.

    After Procedure

    After the laser treatment, there might be redness and swelling in the treated area for a few hours. Your doctor will provide you with steroid cream in case you experience any skin reaction. In addition, you can apply ice to reduce redness and swelling.

    After and between the treatment, avoid sun exposure. Do not use a tanning bed as told by your doctor. Above all, use SPF30 sunscreen daily.

    It is always best to have a consultation with your doctor about everything you can and cannot do during and after the treatment.

    So, are you looking for a laser hair removal clinic in Ahmedabad? Then have a consultation with Dr Ashit Shah at The Aesthetica. He can help you achieve your desired full body laser hair removal in Ahmedabad without much discomfort.

    The side effects of laser hair treatment are usually dependent on skin type, hair colour, treatment plan and care during and after the procedure. Some of the possible side effects are:

    Skin Irritation

    It is common to have redness and swelling in the treated area for a few hours after the treatment. It usually disappears on its own, but your doctor will provide the necessary treatment if it doesn't.

    Pigment Changes

    The laser treatment can darken or lighten the area and be a permanent or temporary change. Those who don't avoid skin exposure during and after the treatment usually experience skin lightening.

    Blistering or Scarring

    Blistering, scarring or crusting in skin texture is a rare side effect. Some other rare side effects are greying or excess hair growth on the treated area.

    There are side effects associated with laser hair removal treatment. However, with The Aesthetica, these possible effects can be mitigated. In addition, we are known to be one of the best laser hair removal clinics in Ahmedabad. So you can get effective treatment with reasonable permanent laser hair removal costs in Ahmedabad.

    The first thing to do is choose a doctor trained and experienced in either dermatology or cosmetic surgery. If a licensed nurse performs the procedure, ensure it is done under the supervision of a speciality doctor. Do not go for non-medical laser treatment for hair removal.

    Before the treatment, a consultation with a doctor is organised to understand the best option for you. It involves:

    • Examine the medical history, skin disorder and medication if you use any.
    • If any past removal procedure has been conducted
    • Discuss the procedure, its benefits and possible side effects.
    • Take photos before the treatment to review the result.
    • Discuss treatment plans and its cost.

    To best prepare for the laser hair removal, your doctor will give you some instructions:

    • Avoid sun exposure before and after the treatment. You can use SPF30 sunscreen for that.
    • Avoid sunless cream that can darken your skin.
    • Waxing, plucking and electrolysis should be avoided four weeks before the treatment. It can disturb the hair follicles.
    • Medications such as aspirin and anti-inflammatory drugs should be avoided as they can make the blood thin.
    • You can trim or shave the area the day before treatment.

    It is best to consult your doctor on how to prepare for the treatment. Looking for reasonable permanent laser hair removal costs in Ahmedabad? Then book an appointment at The Aesthetica to get effective treatment under the leadership of Dr Ashit Shah.

    Some of the top reasons to choose The Aesthetica are:

    • Experienced surgeons that perform hundreds of hair removal procedures every year.
    • The clinic has the availability of certified doctors and licensed physicians and nurses.
    • The safest use of advanced technology to achieve the best results.
    • Our experts listen to your problem patiently and provide the most effective option.

    If you want laser hair removal in Ahmedabad with a cost within your budget, come over to The Aesthetica. The prices are structured to provide the most effective result without much discomfort. So, visit The Aesthetica and get a reasonable laser hair removal treatment cost in Ahmedabad today!

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