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Hair Transplant Treatment In Rajkot

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    Hair Transplant Treatment at a glance

    Procedure Time

    1-3 Hours


    Local or general Anaesthesia


    3-14 days

    Duration of Results


    Patient Satisfaction

    More than 90%

    Before and After

    *Results and benefits can vary and are different for each individual. As such The Aesthetica cannot guarantee specific results.

    Hair Transplant Treatment

    Hair Transplant Treatment At The Aesthetica

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    Cosmetic treatment can be defined as a great effort to create artistic value, in the sense that it strives to seek beauty and make you look and feel younger.

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    Safety with Privacy

    Client’s safety is of paramount importance to Aesthetica and so we only use FDA approved machines, anaesthesia and highly sterile environment.


    From client’s first visit to their follow-ups all of the processes are transparent.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Approximately every person loses around 50 to 150 hair every day, and the lost hair grows back again. But in case the hair follicles have thinned, this regrowth does not happen. It is normal for men to start losing hair due to factors like ageing or changes in hormones like androgen. Women can also be subjected to hair fall.

    Several hospitals offer hair fall treatment. But, if you are looking for the best hair treatment doctors in Rajkot, you may consider visiting The Aesthetica. The Aesthetica is the ideal place for you because we have some of the best hair specialist doctors from Rajkot in our team of experts. From expert surgeons to state-of-the-art facilities, we have everything to offer.

    To get the best hair treatment in Rajkot, call and schedule your appointment at The Aesthetica.

    Does male or female patterned baldness depend on hair care? Do stress levels or types of shampoo affect hair fall? There is no evidence of hair loss being determined by factors like tight muscles of the scalp, mental stress, frequency of washing hair, type of shampoo or your skin conditions. However, some medical problems can lead to hair fall.

    To understand what has caused your hair loss, you may reach out to a specialist near you.
    You may search for hair doctors in Rajkot online or visit The Aesthetica. We prioritise success, and you can get your treatment done by one of the best hair doctors in Rajkot.

    To know if you are eligible for the procedure, see that you have sufficient healthy hair on the sides and back of your head. It is because these areas on the head will be used as donor areas for the procedure. If you are experiencing well-defined baldness, thin hair, or loss of hair due to injuries on the scalp or frequent surgical procedures, you can go ahead with hair transplant surgery.

    The Aesthetica can be ideal for you as we have expert doctors who offer the best hair transplant in Rajkot. We have a great infrastructure and offer excellent facilities. So to get your treatment done by one of the best hair doctors in Rajkot, book your appointments with us today!

    Medications such as local anaesthesia intravenous sedatives are used during the procedure. It reduces the discomfort significantly. You may know more by consulting with a doctor.

    To understand the procedure and whether it is right for you, you may call The Aesthetica and schedule an appointment with some of the best hair specialist doctors in Rajkot.

    You will be able to return to your daily activities after 5 to 7 days of the surgery. You can treat your transplanted hair like your normal hair and wash, cut or dye it.

    You may consult with your surgeon for hair replacement in Rajkot to understand the aftercare and do’s and don’ts post hair transplant surgery.

    If you transplant hair extracted from the sides or back of the head, the new hair will grow for the rest of your life.

    Having dense hair and the motivation to have an improved hairline will help you get successful results. During your first consultation, your doctor will tell you if you are fit for the procedure.

    Generally, age and gender is not a barrier to undergoing the procedure. Women who have specific types of baldness can be treated with surgery. You should start the procedure when you have some hair left, and it would also hide the early signs of baldness. You can be eligible for the procedure if:

    • You are experiencing male or female patterned baldness.
    • Your hair loss is due to scars, injuries or cosmetic surgeries.
    • You want to increase the volume of eyebrows, moustaches or beards.
    • The procedure was done earlier.

    Rajkot hair doctors are recognised to offer the best treatment based on individual needs. But, the cost is always a constraint to most patients. If you want to understand the procedure for the best hair transplant in Rajkot and the price associated with it, you may visit The Aesthetica. Apart from ensuring successful results excellent facilities, we have one of the best hair loss treatments in Rajkot.

    Baldness generally affects the top or front of the head. But thankfully, the sides and back of the head have permanent hair growth. Therefore, these areas are selected for extracting the hair and are known as donor areas. The grafting of hair from these areas (known as autografting) and transplanting it will enable hair growth, which persists permanently. The capability of the extracted hair to grow normally and root down on the bald areas after transplantation is called donor dominance.

    The grafts are divided into micro follicular and mini follicular groupings. The micrografts contain 1 to 3 hair follicles, and follicular groupings contain around 4 to 6 hair. Therefore, punch or older grafts can contain up to 10 to 20 follicles.

    The advantages of follicular grafts are:

    • Produces thin and fine hair similar to your normal hair.
    • Creates a natural hairline.

    If you want to get the best hair transplant in Rajkot, visit The Aesthetica. We understand the importance of successful results and hence offer customised treatment suitable to individual needs. Having empanelled some of the best hair specialists in Rajkot, we are well recognised throughout the city to be the best place to visit for a hair transplant.

    To undergo a successful hair transplant in Rajkot, schedule your appointment with us.

    Hair transplantation is conducted by extracting a small segment of the scalp that contains hair. It is done from the back and sides of the head. The area of extraction is closed with precision so that the incision is hidden amongst the surrounding hair.

    The doctor skillfully divides this harvested strip for transplantation into the bald areas. The grafts differ in size depending upon the requirements of the area of transplantation. The transplanted hair grows like your normal hair and completely blends in. The follicular segments containing more hair are used to increase the density behind your hairline.

    You will not feel any discomfort during the procedure as either local or general anaesthesia is used. The doctor also makes sure that the transplanted hair grows in such a way that it merges with your natural hair. They will also ensure increased volume.

    You should visit The Aesthetica to get your treatment done by experts at a reasonable cost. We are one of the best hair transplant clinics in Rajkot and guarantee success.

    Hair transplantation requires several sessions and is usually done in intervals. Each session may be of three to five hours. Most of the patients can achieve their desired results undergoing the minimum number of procedures. You will require 1 to 2 sessions to get successful results if you are undergoing micrografting.

    If you are looking for hair treatment in Rajkot, call The Aesthetica and schedule your appointment with our experts.

    Micrografting does not leave behind any scars. After three months, new hair will start growing and continue to do so normally. After six months, the transplanted hair looks natural and lasts for a lifetime. The area of extraction turns into a thin line of incision, which is barely visible. It is hidden amongst the surrounding hair.

    To get a natural hairline and improved appearance, contact a hair specialist doctor from Rajkot at The Aesthetica. The Aesthetica also offers the best and the most affordable hair transplant cost in Rajkot.

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